Accountex 2019


Last week the FUSE team attended Accountex 2019 at The ExCel Centre in London. 

The event is designed as a general catch up for the accountancy professional, with various influencing keynote speakers discussing a variety of topics from new legislation, policy, digital breakthroughs, new developments, to current industry disruptions.

It is a great chance to hear from experts from a wide variety of fields and hang out with other firms to share successes and challenges of the past year.

Speakers on the day included James Ashford from Go Proposal and MAP, Andrew Van De Beek from Australian firm Illumin8 Accountancy and representatives from QuickBooks, Xero and Receipt Bank who we work closely with. 

We also got the chance to meet with new financial organisations such as Tide, The Good Till and Castaway Forecasting, who we hope to build relationships with in the future.

Key takeaways from the event:

1)       “The importance of building a digital framework.  This is about building your business with a backbone of specific softwares, that will help streamline and automate your processes, whilst also being flexible enough to move with the times.  Without this in place, you will simply be left behind.  A great example of this would be where traditional banks are losing market share due to challenger banks introducing less bureaucratic banking, in line with modern life and expectations.” (Matt)


2)       "The capabilities of software out there in regards to automating and reporting and how detailed reports can be generated by just a few simple steps" (Laura)


3)       "Some new fantastic functions on Iris Payroll that will make automatic pension enrolments a whole lot easier" (Sep)


4)       "Generally getting to see all the apps and software out there in the industry and seeing exactly how we can use them. Open Banking is going to be huge in the next few years so it’s an exciting time for money management. I particularly enjoyed the talk from Andrew Van De Beek at Illumin8 - he has some really interesting approaches and viewpoints" (Jamie)


5)       "For me it was the capabilities of Open Banking and how it can help you realise what is actually best for you and how easy it is to change between products and services out there" (Sam)


6)      There were some great takeaways. Things are always evolving and with new things coming along we’ve always got to be ready to adapt and make sure our apps works well and are the most suitable for our clients (Steve)


It was a great event and a constructive day out of the office, a chance to get together with like-minded professionals, refresh and reinvigorate our thinking, and give us the opportunity to start new and interesting conversations for a brighter future!

FUSE is an independent Chartered Certified firm of accountants and tax advisors based in Highgate Village, North London. We provide a dynamic range of services to clients working in property, media, entertainment and professional services. Our clients vary in size from self employed sole traders, small enterprises and medium size businesses. We believe that comprehensive financial planning and sound business financial advice are the keys to growth and profitability.