Tax Investigation Insurance

At FUSE we understand that tax is a little word with big implications. That’s why we work hard to give you the best possible advice and strategies to make tax altogether less taxing. We’ve partnered with Croner Taxwise to help safeguard our clients costs in the event of an HMRC enquiry.


A tax investigation could cost you money even if you’ve done nothing wrong. HMRC are using sophisticated software to target individuals. The very thought of an HMRC enquiry can be daunting but in the event that you are chosen for investigation we can help you at every step of the process. Early professional representation is an essential part of your defence, this takes time, expense and flexibility on our behalf.


Our Tax Investigation service in partnership with Croner Taxwise includes:


  • Representation from us in the event of an HMRC investigation, with zero excess and £100,000 fees indemnity.

  • Peace of mind.  We will deal directly with HMRC on your behalf safeguarding you from the concern and stress of unknown additional fees.

  • Access to experienced solicitors who will advise you on all areas of law including contract, property and landlord & tenant.

  • A Health & Safety advice line. Do you really know what the responsibilities and implications are?

  • Employment Law advice helping you to manage any potential employment issues.


We recommend that you take advantage of this valuable service which is a real benefit to you.