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Natwest Business Hub

Cutting down on paperwork is good for your business, not just the environment. With these top tips, you'll always have an up-to-date picture of your firm's financials and will be able to stay on top of taxes owed. Listen to our 60 second Boost Your Business video for Natwest.


Women and Finance: the issues

Despite the equality agenda, finance remains an unattractive sector for female applicants. Faye Watts outlines a strategy for getting women running the numbers.

Natwest Live

Leadership Lessons: How To Be A Good Boss

As an SME founder, you may find yourself managing a growing team without having had adequate preparation in the art of leadership. Your management style will affect company performance, yet, like many leaders, you may feel uncertain as to how to get the best out of your staff. Faye’s quotes around leadership

Vital Magazine

Vital is a quarterly magazine for ACA students. The magazine features articles and updates from tutors, industry experts, ICAEW members and ICAEW staff. It exists to help students develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to succeed throughout the ACA accounting training. This article highlights the importance of sport and teamwork in the workplace, both for health and social interaction.

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