Corporate Finance


As a business grows and evolves, circumstances change, which may require the need to make essential financial decisions to enable the business to adapt and fulfil both long and short term goals.

At FUSE, we encourage our clients to identify their objectives and follow up with targeted strategic business planning. We can help in drawing up relevant business plans, raising finance and looking at the most effective structure in which the business should operate to help fund growth and expansion, to maximise shareholder value.

The team at FUSE have experience in advising clients on the acquisition of businesses, and dealing with the appropriate due diligence, with the aim of getting the most positive result for our client during the deal process, that will continue long after completion.

We also bring our strong commercial awareness and experience to advising clients on working towards and successfully achieving a commercially effective and tax efficient exit strategy, whether this is for the sale of the business as a whole or a restructuring or reorganisation of the current shareholding.

If you do need commercial finance, we can help you obtain the best solution and work with our partners to provide you with the most suitable options.

We will help you make your money work harder and go further so you retain more.