The FUSE Promise


Over the last few years, we’ve invested much time and resources into our technology, people and space and we’re proud of the systems we’ve introduced to improve our performance. It is important to us to ensure we are trained and able to provide a high quality of service to our clients, and that we keep up with the ever evolving industry and digital changes. We want to ensure our clients are happy, so we’ve now launched a feedback initiative to ensure our clients are most benefiting from our skills and service and would like to invite you to take part in our feedback initiative by arranging a telephone call with someone from our client management team.

Feedback Initiative

We’ve launched an initiative to learn more from our clients. We’d love to know;

  • What could we do differently?

  • What would you like us to improve on?

  • Is there something else you would like us to do or offer as a service?

  • Would you be happy to share your experience?

This is an important part of our client experience builder so that we can make sure our service to our clients is at the best that we can do.


As a small business, we are very proud of our reputation and seek to ensure our clients are happy with our service. We learn from and thrive on feedback and if you are happy with our service and would like to give us a testimonial, we’d be most grateful. We’d also be delighted to receive a google review.


We seek to resolve directly all complaints about our services and support and take seriously any complaints or feedback received. Our goal is to give you personal reassurance. If you do have a formal complaint, please address this to our partner Faye Watts.