Let’s Get Digital

You probably already run most of your business in the cloud, so why not your bookkeeping and accounting?. Digital accounting software has significant advantages over the traditional ways of bookkeeping and enables you to run your invoicing and recordkeeping online. You can see your profit, any monies owed and your business bank balance 24/7 in the cloud, with easy access from your phone app also.  You can see a clear picture of your current financial position in real time and create invoices and estimate easily whilst on-the-go.

There are many resources that can help you automate your recordkeeping process and here we recommend our preferred solutions.


QuickBooks online is one of the leading cloud accounting software providers. We are a Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks and we are able to offer a discounted package for our clients. Make sure you are ready for Making Tax Digital with a suitable software like QuickBooks. The software integrates with many other tools and allows for easy on-the-go use.

You can read more about the benefits on our Making Tax Digital page.


Like QuickBooks, Xero is also a very popular cloud accounting platform and we are also certified advisors. Xero is easy to use and also fully satisfies the Making Tax Digital requirements, with many available integrations and bolt-on solutions.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank integrates seamlessly with most of the leading cloud accounting software packages so you can stop wasting time on receipts and focus on your business . You simply photograph your receipts to the app on your phone or forward your email receipts to your designated email address and Receipt Bank picks up the invoice date, amount and VAT, and you don’t need to keep paper receipts as a result. What’s not to love!

1Tap Receipts

We can also offer you 1Tap Receipts if you are a sole-trader to monitor your income and expenses. This simplified online solution will help you capture your receipts and ensure you claim everything you can.  You can use the telephone app on-the-go to import photos of your receipts so you don’t miss any expenses.


FUTRLI can integrate with your cloud bookkeeping software to help you get a grip on your cashflow and make decisions about your business' future, fast. It allows you to visualise your financials clearly to give you the information you need in a simple readable format, ideal for board level or investor presentations.


BrightHR is an online team management solution.  It allows you to track your team’s attendance, store HR documents and manage shifts and rotas in an easy to use cloud platform. You will also get expert HR advice and support over the phone and they offer a confidential helpline for your staff. 


GoCardless enables you to automate payment collection for your invoices, via Direct Debit. Direct Debit puts you in control of when you get paid, and means your customers only need to enter their payment details once to automate payments. This can help improve cashflow as invoices are automatically collected on the due date, so no more chasing late payments.  It will reduce your admin time and you can easily reconcile payments in your cloud accounting software.  The cost is low at only 1% per transaction with a maximum transaction fee of £2. You can find out how it works in this short video

As a GoCardless Certified Partner we can offer a 3 month free trial of GoCardless, so let us know if you'd like to find out more and we can go from there!


Speak to us about our special rate packages and how these digital apps can help save you time and transform your business.