How Do You Find a Good Accountant?


At FUSE we believe that our best clients are those that trust us and are therefore most often recommended to us by another client or those we have met in person.  If you are looking for a good accountant to work with, these are our tips to help you find the right fit for you and your business;

  • Ask your trusted business contacts; people who you esteem and admire and whose success you would like to emulate.  Successful people will have a good team around them. Usually they would have a good accountant and those who do will be more than willing to recommend them to you.

  • Ask a friend who you respect for their recommendation.

  • Once you have one or two solid recommendations, get in touch with the referred point of contact and let them know you have been recommended and would like to schedule a call to discuss your affairs.  Ask your friend for a personal referral.

  • Make sure you have a discovery phone call with your prospective firm to ensure you are a good fit but also so they can get a true picture of your affairs and quote you accordingly. Don’t just ask for a fee quote before speaking to them.  We would always insist on having a discovery call to establish a new potential client’s needs before determining what services they actually need and want from us, so we can quote accurately.

  • Have in mind what you want from your accountant, do you just want them to file your year-end accounts or advice and guidance to help your business grow.

  • Don’t decide on price.  There are many unqualified accountants out there who will be willing to undercut other regulated firms, so be mindful that cheap isn’t always best when you want accredited advice.  Good qualified professional advice can save you thousands.

  • Look for client reviews and check their social media footprint.  Always ask for or look for testimonials, nowadays you can source a testimonial on LinkedIn or their website.

  • Trust your gut, if you feel you can work with someone and you are a good fit for each other, if it feels right, it probably is.  If it doesn’t feel right, move on.

The right accountant will save you time and money but more importantly will encourage you to grow and be there to support you. 

FUSE is an independent Chartered Certified firm of accountants and tax advisors based in Highgate Village, North London. We provide a dynamic range of services to clients working in property, media, entertainment and professional services. Our clients vary in size from self employed sole traders, small enterprises and medium size businesses. We believe that comprehensive financial planning and sound business financial advice are the keys to growth and profitability.