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Once you have appointed us as your accountants, we’ll start the ball rolling to get your affairs transferred over to us from your previous accountant where applicable, or get you set up with HMRC if necessary.

Once you are on board, see our frequently asked questions guide so you know what to expect from working with us.

We will need some information from you in order to efficiently on board you as a client. For a comprehensive list of what to send us, view our Set Up Information page.

How should I send you information?

You can send us your information by email or post and we also have an online portal to enable you to securely upload your documents, should you wish to use this.  This will be set up for you when you first start working with us and you will receive an email inviting you to set up a password.

When will I hear from you?

Generally we will only send out communications at certain times of the year to remind you to file any forms and returns, and also to let you know of any relevant changes in legislation.  We will email you our summary of the annual Budget report and Statement to keep you up to date.  We may also notify you of annual remuneration planning opportunities, such as around the end of the tax year.  Of course you can reach out to us at any time and we have a useful blog that can be found on our website that we regularly post on about an array of tax, business and accounting topics. We are also on all social media platforms if you wish to follow us and stay in touch that way.

Who will be my main point of contact?

All of our team have different skill sets and so you will get the opportunity to liaise with a few different team members, who are most suited to give you the best advice possible.  For instance, we have a payroll team, VAT specialists, a tax department and specialist accountants.  We will introduce you to the appropriate team member where applicable.  As all of our team have different specialist areas of expertise, we will match the appropriate team member(s) to your needs.  You will always have one or two key people involved in your affairs who will be your main point of contact.

How long will my accounts take to prepare?

We aim to work toward a three week turnaround on accounts preparation and tax returns.  If anything is urgent, we will endeavour to prioritise this, such as if you are applying for a mortgage or reference and need a more urgent turnaround. 

Will you remind me to file my accounts?

We will notify you shortly after your year-end that your accounts can be prepared and will also remind you again nearer the deadline if we do not hear from you.  Ultimately you are responsible for filing your accounts and tax returns, but we will endeavour to ensure you meet your deadlines and encourage you to keep in touch with us if you have any delay in sending information, so that we can plan the work accordingly.

How are your fees calculated?

Our fees are calculated using a standard menu format and this is based on the services required from us.  We will quote for our services before we start acting so you are aware of our costs.  We are open to discuss this at any time and will quote for additional work should you need this.  Circumstances can change and our fees may also change.

Will you introduce me to other service providers? 

We will only introduce you or pass information to any other service providers with your permission.  This could be for your mortgage, for a reference or your financial adviser, and we will always obtain your authority first.

Our role is to help you grow your business so you can focus on what you do best.  Should you need any specific support or guidance, please do get in touch with us, our door is always open.