Openspace Troubleshooting

Listed below are some comment questions and answers we have from new clients about logging in/approving documents.


Q: How do I log in/I didn’t receive the login email?

A: As the link comes from it could well have been caught up in spam/malware so please check your junk mail.

You can also log in online using this link: Your email address is your username and then you should use your password previously used. If you can’t remember the password, then just click on the link ‘Forgot your password?’ to create a new one.


Q: How do I approve and do I need to print and sign?

A: You do not need to print and sign anything – just log back into the online portal and ‘Approve‘ the documents The system will prompt you to download them first and then you’ll have to click ‘Approve’ again.


Q: What is my password/I don’t remember it?

A: We do not hold passwords, if you have created one in the past and you don’t remember it then click on ‘Forgot your password?’ link to reset it.


Q: Documents appear blank?

A: If any of the documents appear blank, this can happen if you are using Chrome browser. Some of the new updates have caused a clash in software and they’re still working on it. If you log in using different browser and you can do this on your phone too, then the documents will show everything.

Q. Can I approve my documents on my phone?

A: Yes. The Iris Openspace system is mobile responsive so you are able to login, view and approve any document that needs it. The process is easy and user friendly, simply login (using the credentials you set when you instructed FUSE Accountants) from the email notifying you a new file has been added for electronic approval.

From there, you will be taken to a page where you will see a green “thumbs up” or a red “thumbs down” icon. To approve, you will need to click the link of the document to download and view. Depending on your phone settings, this may open up a new browser tab, or the current page will direct you to the document. Once you have viewed the document, either press the back arrow or select the browser tab with the approve/decline icons and select the outcome. You will notice the page refresh will will allow you to view the status of the document, and may notify your accountant that you have responded if you wish to do so.