If I miss the filing deadline for my Confirmation Statement, will I get a fine?

The Confirmation Statement is filed annually and you get a two week window to file this.  If you are a client, we will notify you of this if we are engaged to do this for you. Failure to file the Confirmation Statement will result in Companies House sending reminders and some may seem threatening, as they can dissolve the company or threaten legal action if they do not receive the form, although this is not immediate.  However, there is no penalty for filing the Confirmation Statement late.  All companies must file a Confirmation Statement, regardless of the company type, size or whether dormant.  If you do miss the deadline, just file the Confirmation Statement as quickly as you can and if there is a necessary delay or any specific reason to delay this, do let us know and we can advise you what to do, and we may be able to liaise with Companies House on your behalf to deter legal proceedings or strike off action.