We can offer you a software called ReceiptBank to convert all your invoices and receipts into data. This simplified online solution will help you capture your receipts and ensure you claim everything you can. You just use the mobile app on-the-go to import photos of your receipts so you don’t miss any expenses.

Businesses are moving away from existing desktop or manual record-keeping to online cloud accounting software alternatives. Keeping digital records is now common practice and accepted by HMRC.

How does it work?

Receipt Bank is an award-winning add-on app to capture data from invoices and receipts and upload to your chosen cloud accounting software (QuickBooks, Xero…)

With Receipt Bank’s easy submission methods you’ll never lose another receipt or invoice. There’s a whole of range of ways to submit and you can choose whichever methods that suit your businesses workflow:

  • ReceiptBank App (iPhone & Android)

  • Email

  • Dropbox

...and many more

The easiest way to use ReceiptBank is using the app. Once the app is downloaded and set up, you simply scan your invoices and receipts using the camera on your mobile phone app, which reads the detail for you, capturing the date, invoice amount and payee. You can set rules to automatically categorise and post receipts into your bookkeeping software.

How do I start?

  • Once the software has been registered, you will receive your log in details so you can log in to the dashboard online and use the mobile phone app, which you will need to download from the app store

  • Connect the app to your Cloud accounting software (QuickBooks, Xero…)

  • You then just start submitting your receipts

    The good news is that we can set this up and get you up and running in no time, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out about how we can save you time.

Going Digital - What will ReceiptBank do?

  • Capture receipts on the go using the camera on your mobile phone

  • Simplify expense categorisation to help minimise data entry

  • Automate bookkeeping functionality

  • Forward email invoices from your inbox

  • Connect your cloud bookkeeping software

  • Give secure cloud storage

  • Export reports to CSV or PDF

Why should you use it?

  • You save time on sending in your paperwork, time that you can spend on your core business services.

  • You save space as there’s no need to retain your physical documents, with it all documents easily searchable and securely stored on the cloud.

  • You now have real time information flowing into your accounting package, providing you with insights to improve your business decisions.

  • It will make managing your business finances easier and give you the confidence to ensure your records are more accurate and up to date.

What can we offer?

The set up and integration of a fully comprehensive ReceiptBank solution for your business.

Training and guidance to give you the skills to fully utilise the software to its best

Additional cloud accounting packages

Accounting and tax return support